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We offer a wide range of consultancy and advisory services for hydrogen fuel cell power plant, and works with developers, manufactures and applications experts.

A hydrogen fuel cell is the generic term for an electrochemical conversion device which continuously converts chemical energy bound in a hydrogen fuel and oxidant into electricity. A hydrogen fuel cell produces electricity on demand continuously as long as the fuel and oxidant are supplied. The hydrogen fuel technology offers the benefits of high efficiency, low or zero emissions, multi-fuel capability, scalability and ease of maintenance. In portable application, hydrogen fuel cells may offer far higher energy densities than today’s lithium-ion batteries.

Consulting on hydrogen fuel cell power plantort

We support your hydrogen fuel cell power plant project from initial consulting, right up to implementation. We offer site selection, manufacturer-independent and technology-unbiased consulting, in which we determine the appropriate project site, key local partners together with clients. Subsequently, we develop the optimum strategy for your entry into hydrogen fuel cell power plant project in Korea and migration for medium-term and long-term.

- Securing business sites

- Related permitting works

- Securing power grid connection and natural gas supplier

Opportunities in Korea

Many local governments  have a plan to build a hydrogen fuel cell power plant on industrial complexes, towns where do not supply city natural gas, and idle sites of public institutions by 2030.

Hydrogen fuel cell power plant project, which will be promoted to attract 100% of private sector. It will be conducted in variety scales distributed fuel cell power plant method in accordance with regional characteristics. Hydrogen fuel cell power plant project is drawing attention as a distributed power plant in the city center with high efficiency, low noise, low emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants using hydrogen as a direct fuel.

On-site self generation of combined heat and power

Clean Power with natural gas fuel

Renewable Power with biofuels

Grid connected power generation

High Efficiency Grid support

Renewable Portfolio Standards

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