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Our Solutions

We provide expertise in every stage of the on/offshore wind farm project lifecycle.  We can advise from initial feasibility through site prospecting, bidding and resource assessment and on through to design, engineering support, permitting, environmental compliance and construction. Once operational, we can provide a range of asset management services including on-site and remote monitoring, servicing and performance optimization, habitat management, environmental monitoring and compliance to project life extensions and re-powering.

Every project is unique so our project management work quickly to understand the issues, ensuring that their responses are both truly practical and innovative.

Grid and infrastructure

We are able to support for grid connection issues from feasibility, through to development and permitting phase. Our in-house experts work closely with developers, contractors, utilities and regulators to maximise the consent-ability and build-ability of our clients connection projects.


Wind ordinances: Ordinances adopted by counties or towns regulate certain aspects of wind projects, like location, the permitting process, and construction. Ordinances also provide clarity to wind developers and the public. They allow local governments to identify conditions and priorities for many types of development

Stakeholders Management

In order to achieve the successful permitting, increasing public acceptance is considered an serious obstacle.  Wind power projects in the country were rejected or held up, mostly due to local opposition. Low acceptance of local residents leads to stronger regulations by local governments, making wind farm projects more difficult to pursue. We provide a specialized management for related stakeholders

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