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We have developed corporate sustainability goals in three focus areas; namely, People, Planet and Profits.  These areas reflect each link in our product’s life cycle as well as JNK ENERGY’s sustainability priorities.  We will continue to work closely with partners to improve our operations, and uphold our purpose and values.


 We are a qualified bio energy solution company dedicatedly working for a “green Energy and green world”. In addition to designing and manufacturing, we also render high end services like Design & Engineering, Consultancy, Operation & Maintenance, and Erection & Commissioning of plants. Our advanced waste management solutions are catered to various places in Korea.
Moving ahead in the industry, we are continuously upgrading our plants as per the development. All the plants are engineered and developed in line with highly sophisticated and advanced technology that ensures energy efficient performance. While rendering our quality services, we keep in mind all the aspects defined by the clients. Depending on the sector to which the services are catered and the type of waste generated, we choose a specific technique to be integrated in the plant.

Biogas is a mixture of colourless and odourless gases. Biogas can be produced through fermentation from any degradable material (Substrate) with the help of different types of tiny microbes. It can be produced in a concealed digester in the absence of atmospheric oxygen. Biogas is a mixture of different gases, major portion in biogas being methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). It also contains traces of other gases like hydrogen (H2), Moisture (H2O) , hydrogen sulphide (H2S)etc.

The biogas can be used for  operating engines, generation of electricity. Biogas can be purified and upgraded in accordance with the standards of natural gas. The upgraded / Compressed Bio Gas can be used for running vehicles and other applications including different industrial needs


• We offer complete after-sales support like operational training & onsite support to our clients.
• Absolute commitment to quality, safety and timely implementation of projects
• Project work including process designing, detail engineering
• Perfect understanding of customer needs and concerns.
• Evolving optimum and economically effective solutions.
• Friendly and approachable.
• Innovative products and sales.

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