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Main Advantage

•Experiment- evidential gas engine technology overhaul term: 18000~25000 hours

•Over 80% co-generation efficiency.

•Economical and low-cost running: lower gas and oil consumption.

•Specially-designed air valves, crankshaft, camshaft, pistons, ignition system and combustion chamber according to international brands gas engine technology.

•Four air valves design for each cylinder, sufficient air intake and exhaust, more air intake, to realize higher power output and stronger capability of load.

•Automatic Air/Fuel Ratio mixer design, which can regulate automatically according to the gas composition, better combustion and lower emission.

•Original Cummins engine body, 90% parts made by Cummins China factory, long life and durable engine parts produced strictly accord to ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System.

•Unique air-fuel ratio adjusting system adapting 45%~70% CH4 Methane concentration.

Advanced ignition sensor and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) ignition system with computer core: Precise ignition at right cylinder and right time, prompt startup ability to avoid the ratio of detonation and make stable engine

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