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JNK energy business covers utilization of biogas generated from household refuse, kitchen waste, organic wastewater, municipal sludge, farm feces and comprehensive utilization of biomass energy.

Our Solutions

JNK energy is a busy and respected renewable energy solution provider. We have direct experience of a range of renewable technologies and solutions for the full spectrum of renewable solutions which include but are not restricted to PV+ESS , CHP, and Biomass projects. We are able to support projects from initial site selection and feasibility through to commissioning. 


Services provided by JNK energy include site research and assessment, environmental impact assessment, feasibility studies  and monitoring, assessment of electromagnetic interference, plant design, construction management, financial assessment, financial modelling and forecasting.


We have the experience and capability to deliver at every phase of a project. From the early stages of site selection, feasibility, project design and planning, to meeting statutory and legal requirements through to project management of the construction phase.

Project Management

Most of all we work with our clients to produce results for them and their business and have experience of working with community based organizations, public sector organizations and commercial companies.

Industry Connections

JNK energy has been trading now for several years and while supplying training to groups and Universities we have gathered a massive range of contacts and service providers that you the customer can now take advantage of.

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